Blu-ray Monday Giveaway: Limitless

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For this week’s Blu-ray Monday we’re giving away a copy of the fast paced action thriller Limitless.

Eddie (Bradley Cooper) is suffering from a severe case of writer’s block until he discovers a revolutionary new drug, allowing him to tap his brain’s full potential. His mind opens up and his phenomenal achievements soon catch the eye of tycoon Carl Van Loon (Robert De Niro). But it turns out Carl isn’t the only one who’s been watching him and he quickly learns others are willing to go to extreme lengths to get their hands on his miraculous medication.

As usual with our Blu-ray giveaways, you have two chances to win. For your first entry hit the tweet button at the top of this post. Then for a second entry, leave a comment on this post to the following question:

With good looks, buckets of charisma and starring roles in The Hangover films, The A Team and Limitless, actor Bradley Cooper is enjoying a good run of box office successes and is shaping up as a formidable contender for Hollywood’s next big leading man. But does he have what it takes to reach the realms of popularity and adulation seen only for likes of Brad Pitt, Russell Crowe or George Clooney? For this week’s competition we’d like to know who you think has what it takes to become Hollywood’s next big leading male? Do you think Robert Pattinson is only just getting warmed up or perhaps there a lot more to Shia La Boeuf than we’ve seen so far? Let us know who you think has potential to be the next big thing.

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  1. Penny R says:

    I think Shia Lebeouf is an amazing up and coming actor, and has what it takes to be Hollywood’s “leading male”.

  2. John Tarbet Walker says:

    Alex Reid could well become the next big thing in movies

  3. Maddy says:

    Shia La Boeuf @grannybiker

  4. john knight says:

    I guess I would pick Leonardo DiCaprio.BUt you could argue that he alraedy is at that caliber.Bradley Cooper has a chance if he continuues to pick some juicy roles.Thanks


  5. kingofdoods says:

    Chloë Moretz seems like she will be the next big Hollywood darling.

  6. Bob Salim says:

    Jake Gylenhaal is great, and I believe he will be a next hollywood big star.


  7. Josh says:

    Bradley Cooper


  8. @adamyates33 says:

    Tom hardy without a doubt. Give him a chance to lead in some intelligent Hollywood blockbusters and he’ll knock them out the park. When do I get my Bradley Cooper fix? :)

  9. stacey marie pryce says:

    @staceymariep I would say Robert Pattinson would be the next big thing! Only if people see past the Twilight Saga… I think he has lots of potential plus hes gorgeous : D

  10. dan pearce says:

    Bradley Cooper he’s the man!

  11. FionaLynne Edwards says:

    I think Dominic Cooper – he’s already proved he’s a fine actor


  12. Cassandra says:

    Shia La Boeuf is very watchable but I don’t know whether he has the legs to last around for years to come? But saying that I am struggling to think of an up and coming actor. I do like Jake Gyllenhaal, I loved him in Donnie Darko! :D

    twitter: @cfryer999

  13. janet clegg says:

    I think it will be robert pattison he is a true star

  14. sharonne Katz says:

    Clive Owen

  15. Corinne Faulkner says:

    I think Leandro Penna (Katie Price’s boyfriend), all the women will love him and the men will try to look like him LOL. Tweeted @bluebayoux

  16. Gary S says:

    Hailee Steinfeld, she was excellent in True Grit.
    @slugbug55 on Twitter

  17. Shelly M. says:

    I think Jake Gyllenhaal should be the next huge star. He needs more credit for his acting! He’s on top of the most underrated actors list.

  18. Hannah W says:

    Shia LeBoeuf is definitely going to be Hollywood’s ‘next big thing’ :)

  19. Donna B says:

    Maybe an outside choice, but what about James McAvoy? @midlemonkeydee

  20. Joanne B says:

    just watched Big Momma, like father like son – and I would like to see more of Brandon T Jackson! ;p x


  21. Kirsten says:

    Jennifer Lawrence… Winter’s Bone shows what she is capable of.


  22. moviefan says:

    Tom Sturridge, best friends with, but way hotter than, RPatz. Unfortunately, he has not had a breakout role as yet (The Boat That Rocked was an abysmal movie). Hoping his star is on the ascent.


  23. Pamela McKenzie says:

    Bradley Cooper

  24. su says:

    Bradley Cooper

  25. VeridisQuo1 says:

    Donald Glover from Community has potential to be a leading man. There was an huge outcry from fans petitioning Glover to be the next Spiderman incarnation, unfortunately it didn’t pan out, but his following only grew larger since then. I would personally love to see him in movies as the starring role.


  26. Farrah Shumway says:

    Right now I think Shia La Boeuf has a lot more to give as does Bradley Cooper. They are both really great (& hot) However, someone to watch that I think is going to have a LONG & AMAZING career is Jaden Smith. He has a few years to go before he is a leading man because he’s so young but he really has talent. I mean look at where he comes from. I believe in some more years from now he will be d successful as his dad. He’s a good kid!

  27. Robert Dalton says:

    Leo DiCaprio is the “next” mega star. The Departed, Shutter Island, and Inception were only the beginning.

  28. Robert Dalton says:

    Don’t count out James Franco either.

  29. Nick Codd says:

    Shia Lebeouf would be my choice, he just needs the right script to push himself in to.

  30. Rachel Collins says:

    @Rachel1383 Bradley Cooper – he’s got the makings of a Hollywood star – looks, passion, and talent xx

  31. Polly Bastow says:

    Definitely think Jake Gyllenhaal I love all his movies @polly1548

  32. Care says:

    I think Andrew Garfield is becoming Hollywood’s next up and coming actors. Spider-man does whatever a spider can.

  33. lilly says:

    Twitter @Lily1l

    Bradley Cooper is sooo hot. I bet he’ll age nicely like George Clooney.

  34. linda brooks says:

    Shia La Boeuf has what it takes!

  35. Jody Whiting says:

    Twitter details @JodyWhiting

    I think it has to be Josh Duhamel, especially when he is wearing a military uniform!! He is gorgeous and can play so many different roles, I don’t think we have seen the best of him yet!

  36. Fredrik says:

    I haven’t seen him in any other movies than Harry Potter, but Robert Pattinson seems like a good actor. But after Twilight, I like Shia LaBeouf much better. I think he might become one of the next big ones, maybe both.


  37. Richard Stratton says:

    I think that James Franco could become huge.


  38. Benny Har-Even says:

    Andrew Garfield after Spider-Man hit screens.

  39. Anne M. says:

    Shia LaBoeuf def. has the acting skills, but as far as all around (action, comedy, romance) I think Ryan Reynolds has it hands down :)

  40. Cindy Moore says:

    Josh Lucas

  41. Jackie Ash says:

    What about Nicholas Hoult? he could be in the running for the next leading male. Following on twitter as @bakingapple

  42. Di Childs says:

    After watching his knockout performance in Thor, my money’s on Chris Hemsworth. Talented, handsome and the body of a God. Literally!
    username – @FunkieFrog

  43. jade clancy says:

    I’m a Rob Pattinson fan but I think Taylor Lautner is going to be an action superstar once he gets the Twilight movies behind him!


  44. Emma says:

    No, don’t think Bradley Cooper has what it takes. He needs to be in a good script if he want to make it there.

    Maybe Jake Gyllenhaal.

  45. Sam Love says:

    Domic Cooper, perhaps? He’s doing fairly well lately, getting cast in Gotti.
    (Email me if I’m the lucky son of a bitch that wins, I don’t get involved in all of that Twitter bullshit)

  46. julie thomas says:

    Possibly Brad cooper, an actors development will partly depend on their ability to select the ‘right roles’ for their next film. So . . . we will have to wait and see!


  47. @Palmtreebreeze says:

    I Think Bradley Cooper has alot of excellent potential to big the next Big Thing!
    He was amazing in The Hangover and A-Team and also Limitless!
    Figers crossed because Bradley Cooper Rocks! :) ;)


  48. lilly says:

    We need to see more Bradley Cooper! @lily1l

  49. Noel says:

    In terms of longevity and adaptability, it has to be Tom Hardy.

    As well as the great physical presence he offers in Bronson (and hopefully The Dark Knight Rises), he has the ability to play someone smart and watchable while being almost unrecognisable – as he did in Inception.

    TDK could give him a chance to shine, but if he does get the chance to do Mad Max, I think he’ll be limitless (see what I did there?)

  50. Naz says:

    Bradley Cooper, I’ve been a fan of his since Alias and it’s about time he made it big! He’s an amazing dramatic actor as well as comedy so I hope he gets more serious roles.

    I would have Shia, but he has a habit of saying stupid things haha.


  51. Mel says:

    Tom Hardy is going to be the next big thing. He was fab in Brosnan and I even love him in the Kleenex advert he the bloke with the tattoos that is crying lol


  52. Rich says:

    joseph gordon-levitt! The guys an amazing actor!

  53. Marc Foster says:

    Personally think the next big leading man will be Ryan Gosling. He’s already got a best actor nomination under his belt, and has two big films coming out in the latter part of this year with George Clooney directed The Ides of March and comedy Crazy, Stupid, Love. Time for him to step into the big time.


  54. eroexpress says:

    Jack Vidgen would easily be the next big thing in a Hollywood musical or tv series

  55. ZonalRipper says:

    I would Say Jake Gyllenhaal or Shia Lebeouf, they are great


  56. @auntygeek says:

    The Adjustment Bureau’s Anthony Mackie…