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Blu-rays for the Weekend: 80s Summer Blockbusters

Published August 1st, 2014
Back to the Future

Summer movie season is in full swing, with films such as Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Transformers 4, Guardians of the Galaxy, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and more either in theatres or on their way. So this week we thought we’d take a look back at some of the best summer smashes [...]


Godzilla stomps onto Blu-ray this October

Published July 30th, 2014

Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures have confirmed that Godzilla, one of the biggest movies released so far this summer, will be released on Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D this October. Sixty years after legendary monster Godzilla first appeared in movie theatres, director Gareth Edwards has bought him back to life with a vengeance. Set in the [...]


PS4 and Xbox One add 3D Blu-ray support

Published July 29th, 2014

Early adopters of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One might have been wondering why their next-gen   gaming consoles don’t support Blu-ray 3D. Thankfully they’ll soon be able to stop worrying, as Sony and Microsoft have both announced support for the format in new firmware updates. The Sony update (PS4 system software update 1.75) will be [...]


Blu-ray Monday: Divergent

Published July 28th, 2014

For this week’s Blu-ray Monday, we’re giving away a brand new copy of the latest young adult adaptation, Divergent. Divergent, based on Veronica Roth’s novel, is set in a futuristic Chicago where society is divided into five factions based on personality type. In this world, all sixteen year olds must take a test and choose [...]


Blu-rays for the Weekend: Coming of age

Published July 25th, 2014

Filmed over 12 years with the same cast, Indie movie, Boyhood, this week wowed critics with its portrayal of a young man coming of age. So this weekend, we thought you might want to contemplate the passage to adulthood with some of these Blu-ray movies about growing up.   The Breakfast Club Often cited as [...]


Game of Thrones: Season 4 Blu-ray confirmed

Published July 24th, 2014

The latest instalment of HBO’s Emmy Award winning drama, Game of Thrones, has been confirmed on Blu-ray. The fourth season of the hit fantasy epic opens in the fictional Seven Kingdoms of Westeros and follows the struggles among the realm’s families for control of the Iron Throne. Largely based on George R.R. Martin’s epic fantasy [...]


Edge of Tomorrow to let loose on Blu-ray

Published July 23rd, 2014
Edge of Tomorrow

One of this summer’s biggest blockbusters, the Edge of Tomorrow, is set to be released on Blu-ray from 13th October in the UK. Starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, this fun film features impressive special effects and a boom-bastic finale. Set in the near future, earth has been overrun by an unbeatable alien army. Major [...]


Blu-ray Monday: Need for Speed

Published July 21st, 2014

Good news for adrenaline junkies, as for this week’s Blu-ray Monday we’re giving away a copy of automotive racing thriller, Need for Speed. Fresh from prison, street racer Tobey Marshall (Aaron Paul) sets out on a mission to avenge his friend’s death at the hands of a rival racing driver. Carnage ensues as Tobey races [...]


Blu-rays for the weekend: Young adult movies

Published July 18th, 2014

Young adult author, J.K. Rowling, this week released an online sequel to the Harry Potter novels, which has sparked rumors that a new Potter movie might be on the cards. There is also a further Potter inspired film, Fantastic Beats a Where to Find Them due to hit cinemas in late 2016. So, this week, [...]


X-Men: Days of Future Past to get an extended cut

Published July 17th, 2014

X-Men: Days of Future Past producer Lauren Sculer Donner leaked details of a brand new scene on the upcoming Blu-ray release. The highly-anticipated X-Men: Days of Future Past unites the classic cast from the first three X-Men movies (Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman et al) with their younger equivalents from 2011’s X-Men: First Class [...]